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Lofty Pursuits

Sep 27, 2022

Today we talk about problem solving. Actually I'm trying to figure out what I think about it myself so it may ramble a bit. I talk about finishing getting the warehouse shop together and then there is Halloween candy.



Sep 14, 2022

Greg talks about what he is doing now that his daughter has moved out and gone to college. He updates on fixing his tools that were in storage, and he talks about new stuff coming up.
Inga Swearingsen
Hush Little Baby:

Sep 7, 2022

Greg answers your letters, and reads this months Super Patrions names. He also gives some updates




Photo: GregHenge.

Aug 30, 2022

Greg goes to Atlanta for a wood working show, he talks about new candies and new flavors he's working on, and he updates on some new tools he got.

Aug 24, 2022

Greg talks about how the customer interacts with the business, and when businesses had too much hubris and did no realize that the customer controls the brand. Updates on the Freezser and Woodshop too.