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Lofty Pursuits

May 25, 2021

Greg talks about Douglass Adams for Towel Day. He updates on experiments with different candy acids, talks about Alexander Caldar (the artist) and how he effected him and of course your letters.

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YT: http://www.Youtube.Com/LoftyPursuits



May 18, 2021

Greg talks asks you to vote for Lofty Pursuits in an on-line contest


He also talks about the development of his Tangerine Lofty Sours. 

He discusses how he's approaching, and the ethics of rolling back mask requirements at Lofty

He reads your letter. (not letters. it would be great if...

May 11, 2021

I've been thinking a lot over the past few days about how I got to where I was, and I traced it back to an unassuming event in middle school (We called it JR High.) I traced this back, and read your letter.

If you have a moment, please vote for us in the Best of Tallahassee awards will...

May 4, 2021

Greg rambles a lot this week. He talk about a promotion getting owned by the customer and how that is good and bad. He talks about new projects and asks for help and he answers a letter with way to much information about starting a business.

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