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Lofty Pursuits

Dec 15, 2021

Greg chats about a lot of stuff. Next week will probably be an off week. See you the week after.

Dec 7, 2021

Greg talks about his week, about his statue work and reads your letters.



Pig: in the photo

Nov 30, 2021

After modifying and re-sculpting the first statue, Greg decides to get another, he also talks about writing for interactive fiction, he reads your letters and does a follow up on Boiled Custard.



Nov 24, 2021

Greg interviews his wife Sarah about how she "Deals" with his "hair brained schemes" and we read your letters and update you on other projects. The statue is done by the way :)



Nov 17, 2021

Today Greg talks about the history of Dalgona Candy; About issues with planning for a pandemic and where we go from here; about a film crew coming in to shoot us making candy and we read your letters.

Musk Candy:

Boiled Custard: