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Lofty Pursuits

Aug 20, 2023

Greg catches up on what has happened in the past few weeks. He talks about his interview for TV in Newark and of his plans for the 30th anniversary event at Lofty Pursuits and the Lootbox he hopes to have for you. Thanks to the Super Patrions. 




Jul 15, 2023

GReg talks about what is happening at Lofty Pursuits and what new candies are being made. He gives a Pateron shout out, and he talks about some issues he's been having.



Jun 13, 2023

Greg talks about helping a friends son learn to drive and the transitory nature of life. In short don't worry, be happy. He talks about a business professor he met who was confused about lofty pursuits, he reads your letters (and wants you to send more!)




May 26, 2023

Greg talks about how intractions with the city of Tallahassee made it look like something was amiss, and how he went through the system to discover it was really nothing. Greg talks about restoring his calliope and about how some electronics in this project work. Of course there will also be candy updates.


May 16, 2023

Greg talks about the kitten who's evading capture (or is that cat-ure?) at his warehouse, about a new sour flavor and about candy he's making in memory of Rico Browning the actor who played the Creature from the Black Lagoon.