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Lofty Pursuits

Sep 21, 2021

Sorry this is late. We had what I thought was  a bad electrical issue here and I was afraid it would push production behind. thankfully it did not.

Greg goes down a deep dive into the Scissors he uses for candy making, he talks about Tangerine Sours yet again, and he talks about his Trip to Atlanta and seeing the...

Sep 14, 2021

Today I talk about my upcoming trip to Atlanta and about the Art I want to see up there, as well as my experiences I've had through my daughter about looking at music schools for college. We will do a Tangerine Sours update (Spoiler: first 3 batches made!) and your letters.


Sep 7, 2021

Greg starts the process of leash training his polydactyl  (The next step up from Pterodactyl) 15 year old seven toed candy name Darwin (He has thumbs so he's more evolved), He talks about national biscuit month and what that means at Lofty Pursuits, reads your letters, and of course gives candy updates.


Aug 31, 2021

Today Greg talks more about challenges facing the making of Tangerine Sours, mostly packaging at this point and he reads your letters.



Aug 24, 2021

Greg gives an update on the Tangerine Sour Candies and talks about a cool toy whistle he got, originally found in boxes of Captain Crunch cerial from the 1960's