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Lofty Pursuits

Dec 31, 2020

Greg goes down memory lane cleaning a warehouse he's had for over 25 years, and he talks about the flaming trombone that he and his daughter build for her 12th birthday, and how he will be re-building it for her 17th.



Dec 24, 2020

Greg talks about the past month, and talks about the original lyrics of Have Yourself a merry little Christmas.

Not that version, but the Kristen Bell version


Nov 24, 2020

Today Greg talks about his search for the Jingle Bells organ, a parlor organ that is in Tallahassee that Jingle Bells was composed on as well as talking candy.

Nov 19, 2020

Today Greg talks about his next video about Tallahassee being a Christmas Town, and he outlines a few new projects like building a new wood shop as well as reading your letters.




Nov 8, 2020

Greg rambles about a lot of things including the wine he's drinking while recording this podcast. He goes into projects he's working on, and of course talks about candy and reads your letters.



Socially Distanced Candy Chute